Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SSDP UK conference call out

Call for Papers/Presentations: Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK annual conference 2012

Building Leadership in the Drug Policy Reform Movement”
School of Oriental and African Studies, London.

20-22nd April 2012
frequently justify the millions of pounds spent on fueling The War on Drugs as a means of protecting our youth from drug harms. For many young people, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds, the reality of punitive drug policies mean increasing amounts of police harassment, surveillance and unnecessary criminalisation.

How does drug prohibition impact on young people today?

What role do young people have to play in fighting against drug prohibition?

How can we empower young people to become leaders of our movement?

Every year SSDP UK hold a conference to bring together activists, academics and young people from across the UK and Europe to mobilise against the drug prohibition. This year our conference will focus on practical ways to empower young people in our movement.

A non-exhaustive list of issues we are interested in:

- The impact of punitive drug laws on young people, particularly those from ethnic minorities

- The impact of discriminatory policing practices, particularly in a post-riot social landscape

- Practical and innovative ways to create a space for young people to be empowered

- How should the drug law reform movement organise?

- The role of Cannabis Social Clubs, Drug Users Unions, Students societies and community groups in mobilising against drug prohibition

We welcome proposals for papers, presentations, videos, workshops, art pieces, on a variety of subjects (be creative!). Due this year’s conference location in London, we are especially interested in hearing from London based activists, artists, academics, young people, and youth workers who can give the local angle, but don't let that put you off getting in touch if you are from elsewhere :)

Please email levent.akbulut@ssdp.org.uk or education@ssdp.org.uk with your ideas by Wednesday 7th March.

Follow SSDP on Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested in writing for the SSDP UK blog,please get in touch.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Student Elections

Yes, its this time of year again - where student politicians start gearing up to convince the student body that they are the best candidate to vote for in the upcoming student elections.
At SSDP, we reckon that it can be really quite useful to get SSDP activists involved in student unions politics. Sabbatical officers can ensure students are getting unbiased and relevant harm reduction information and are well placed to advocate on behalf of students facing eviction from halls of residence for drug use.

If you are interested in standing in your union elections and you want some advice on what policies around drugs and welfare that could be good to include in your manifesto then please get in touch at education[at]ssdp.org.uk

Even if you aren't interested in standing in students union elections, emailing the candidates during the campaign period and asking them what their stance on drug policy reform and providing harm reduction information within unions is a great way of ensuring that drug policy remains a relevant issue on campus. If you publicly publish the answers within your facebook group and through your mailing lists than your members can also have a better idea of which candidates to vote for.