Saturday, 5 March 2011

European Student Drug Policy Reform Conference

European Student Drug Policy Reform Conference: Another Bloody Birthday

Drug War Revisited

Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK’s Second Annual Conference

25th-27th of March 2011

On the weekend of the 25-27th of March 2011, activists from across Europe will meet in Manchester to mark the many drug war anniversaries that will take place this year. In 1961 member states of the United Nations signed the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs aiming to tackle the availability of certain substances.

Ten years later, Richard Nixon declared an all out War on Drugs. Since then the world has seen untold horrors in the struggle between those who wish to take drugs and those who wish to eradicate all use. Do we really need to wait another 40, 50 years to resolve this issue with compassion and reason?

Do not miss Another Bloody Birthday, a conference for students and activists from across Europe and beyond to share experiences as activists and learn about the failed global war on drugs. The event is open to the public and all people interested in becoming better activists.

Register here before the 22nd of March!

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