Monday, 9 May 2011

NUS LGBT Campaign to fight against drugs stigma

This weekend (6-8th May), the National Union of Students' Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Campaign voted to continue to work with SSDP in campaigning for specialist treatment programmes for LGBT people and against the stigmatisation of drug users. The policy, submitted by SSDP activists from the University of Manchester Students Union, also calls for LGBT awareness training for drug and alcohol counsellors.

Alan Bailey, NUS LGBT Officer (Open Place), said; "Its great that NUS LGBT and SSDP are campaigning together for LGBT specific drug and alcohol services. LGBT people, whilst more likely to use drugs, are less likely to get the help they need in a society where both drug users and LGBT people face stigma and oppression"

Last year, the NUS LGBT campaign voted to affiliate to the SSDP network and to call on the Home Office to produce an impact assessment of drug prohibition and how it effects the LGBT community.

Vicki Baars, the NUS LGBT Officer (Women's Place), said; “"Its fantastic that we have this policy to help fight against the unnecessary criminalisation of LGBT people, and for a more coherent understanding on how the war on drugs is effecting LGBT people."

To find out more about how drug use effects the LGBT community or about our workshops about drugs use aimed at LGBT societies and community groups, email education[at]

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