Friday, 5 August 2011

Petition the Government to Discuss Drug Law Reform!

The UK government launched its new e-petition site this week to give citizens and residents a chance to petition the government to discuss certain issues. If a petition reaches 100,000 or more signatures, parliament will then discuss the issue.

We remain skeptical of whether the government will respond positively to sensible proposals for reforming drug policies through an online petition. Meanwhile, there is much media fanfare about a petition calling for the return of capital punishment, although another petition against such proposals currently has more signers.

Nonetheless, we feel that drug policy reformers should make use of this opportunity to show the government and media that the public does indeed have an appetite for reform.
We have identified two drug policy reform petitions that seem to be doing well, one calls for the legalisation and regulation of cannabis, the other calls for the decriminalisation of drug possession and supply. We hope that both will be interpreted as calling for control and regulation.

Please sign these petitions and urge others to do the same!

Legalise Cannabis

Decriminalise Recreational Drugs

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