Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Release launch new ThinkingDrugs Website

A new website aimed at exploring and developing opinions on the international drugs trade has recently been launched. ThinkingDrugs, a collaboration between our friends at Release and the New Economics Foundation, utilizes statistics, personal perspectives and arguments from both sides of the debate as tools to help the user develop opinions on specific aspects of the international drugs trade.

Users of the website can create argument "pathways" for 4 specific areas of interest: drug policy in the UK, the impacts of the transnational drugs trade in the US and Mexico, public health support for drug users in Russian and the effects of tolerating drugs sales in Dutch coffee houses.

Rupert George from Release said "we are really excited about ThinkingDrugs, it offers us a whole new way of engaging the public with the issues. We have really enjoyed working with the New Economics Foundation on this project, they bought something really interesting to the project with their existing work around argument maps and some fresh eyes on the issues”

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